Airbud's Drone Experience

What you can expect on the day


If you are looking for the ultimate drone flying experience then look no further, here at Airbud is where this experience begins! 


Located just off junction 25 of the M25, its London's first Drone Experience Day & Outdoor Drone Flying Arena.


Airbud's fully qualified PfCO pilots make sure you receive a fun and highly informative day out, working with a variety of drones.  


The experience consists of multiple modules and its not just turning up and flying drones. New regulations introduced by the Civil Aviation Authority on November 30th 2019 permits anyone flying drones 250g to 20kg in weight must qualify for their Flyer ID which Airbud will assist in completing as part of the experience.  


First up is the drone simulator, you have got a real set of controls in your hands to fly a virtual drone on the high definition screen in front of you. It takes a little time to get to grips with the basic control moves, so this is an excellent way to get started.


You will then move out to the drone arena which is a specially designed circuit to test your new found piloting skills, as you weave in and out of the flags, through hoops and loops back around you'll appreciate how agile the Mavic Mini drone is.


But of course, aerial obstacle courses aren't the only things drones are used for. Drones are superb for aerial videos and photos and that is the next step in your drone course. You will be training with a Phantom 4 Pro to hone your visual skills, practicing videoing and photographing techniques from the air.


And finally, out comes the big one! The Inspire 2 X5S is the commercial drone of the moment for professionals.  Providing incredible 5.2k quality aerial footage, this is the go to drone for producing images to impress. It's also pretty nifty, capable of flying up to 67 mph. Whilst flying the Inspire 2 you will be able to capture footage of the surroundings up at 400ft.

To complete your experience, pass the controller to your PfCO pilot, attach the DJI Goggles and enjoy the feeling of flying through the sky whilst your feet are safely on the ground.  The head tracking system allows you to control the camera with your head movements whilst you sit back and experience breathtaking views you will never forget!


This is a brilliant, fun and unique opportunity open to those as young as 8 which makes it a superb day out for friends and family!

A group photo will be supplied to all participants including spectators.

You will receive your Airbud Certificate which will include your Drone Flyer ID code for any future use.


What's included in this experience?


  • Training will be provided to complete your Flyer ID exam 

  • Drone Flying Experience 

  • Introduction to flying drones with a drone simulator and controller to understand the functions and how to fly

  • Fly a Mavic Mini through the outdoor arena which is designed to assist with safe control and navigation of the drone

  • Take control of the Phantom 4 Pro and learn various settings including taking pictures and videos

  • A unique opportunity of flying the Inspire 2 X5S, capable of speeds up to 67mph

  • Take the Inspire 2 up to 400ft and capture images and videos from above

  • DJI Goggles FPV flight experience 

  • A still image can be taken from the Inspire 2 as a memento of your day

  • Complimentary hot and cold drinks are provided

  • Allow between 1-3 hours on site for this experience 

  • You may form part of a small group of up to 6 participants 


When is it available?

  • Selected weekdays and weekends throughout the year

  • All sessions are subject to availability and weather conditions

  • Sessions will be rescheduled if weather conditions are unfavourable i.e. in the event of strong winds or gusts (of over 24mph) and/or rain, fog, or extreme temperatures


Where can I do this experience?


Theobalds Park, Hertfordshire, EN7.  We are located very close to junction 25 of M25


Who is it suitable for?


  • Minimum age 8

  • Under 18s must be accompanied on site by an adult


Can anyone come along to watch?


Spectators are welcome to come along to watch, however this is limited to a maximum of 6 persons per booking including any participants.


Anything else I need to know?


  • Suitable outdoor clothing and footwear should be worn

  • Sunglasses to avoid glare whilst flying is recommended

  • Participants should arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled session time

  • Toilet facilities and an in-house cinema where the simulator training takes place are on sight

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